What to Pair with Geometric Aztec Pocket Dress

By Molly Schellhorn
on May 18, 2017

What to Pair with Geometric Aztec Pocket Dress

This colorful geometric print dress might seem like a tough dress to match, but when you think outside the box, it becomes a breeze! I put together two very different looks for this dress depending on where your adventures take you.

The first is a perfect outfit for a country concert or to prowl around a flea market or antique store on a lazy summer weekend. The fringed leather vest is so retro and you’ll be amazed at how good it looks with the print of this dress. Match it with some boots and a hat and you’ll be all set to hit the road!

The second look is the polar opposite. This is for those working gals out there who need to look polished and professional. The sedate pink cardi not only lends a corporate air to the dress, but it will also keep your warm in those drafty meeting rooms! The peach sandals are cute enough for even the fashionistas, but the block heel is appropriate for work. Finish the look with this adorable blue clutch to bring all the colors together.

One dress, two very different looks! Grab this unique dress before its all sold out!

Spring Into Summer with Sweet P’s Navy Blue Maxi Dress!

By Molly Schellhorn
on April 27, 2017

Spring Into Summer with Sweet P’s Navy Blue Maxi Dress!

Who’s ready for summer?? I know, that seems like a silly thing to ask when we haven’t even really settled into spring yet. However, I know that as soon as temps crawl over 70 degrees, I’m ready for the beach and a lounge chair! That’s why I love so many of the new dresses I’ve just gotten in.

One of my favorites has got to be the extremely versatile navy blue maxi dress with tie neck. You can make almost any type of outfit imaginable with this dress. You can put on heels and loads of jewelry and wear it to a gala. You can throw on flip flops and wear it to the neighborhood farmer’s market. Or, you can put together the perfect summer vacay outfit like I’ve done here!

Choose some fab wedge heels that let your new pedicure shine (and don’t even try to tell me you haven’t gotten your summer pedicure yet!). Now choose a wide-brimmed straw summer hat and sunglasses that will keep you cool and keep your beautiful skin and eyes protected from the sun.

Some fun and funky jewelry, like these adorable pineapple earrings and chunky coral bracelets, pull the look together and tell everyone you’re ready to party (but in a relaxed summer way, of course!). Some light makeup completes the ensemble. All that’s left is to throw your summer beach read and a bottle of water in your straw bag and you’re ready to live it up!

Grab your navy maxi today before it sells out and get your summer on!

What to Pair with Our Black and White Striped Stretchy Top

By Molly Schellhorn
on April 07, 2017

What to Pair with Our Black and White Striped Stretchy Top

How much do you love our new black and white stretchy top with tie sleeves? This is one of those tops that can go basic or wild, depending on what you pair with it. This makes it such a versatile piece to have in your closet (and did I mention it’s a steal at $23.00??).

You can go classic and chic with a pair of black skinnies, Jackie O sunglasses, and a pop of color with some hot pink flats. Pick up your classic black handbag and you’re ready for a casual work lunch or some crucial girl time shopping or catching a movie.

But wait! Maybe you’re in a fun and flirty mood and want to show off your unique sense of style. Yes, this top works for that situation as well! I love this top with a colorful a-line skirt with a fun print. You can pair absolutely ANY color with this top and it works! Here I went for completely different colors on the skirt and the accessories, and I think it makes for an outfit that somehow seems pulled together even though it’s all over the board!

Love the pairings as much as I do? You’d better hurry up and grab this top before it’s gone!

What to Pair With Sweet P’s Light Blue Cold Shoulder Ruffle Top

By Molly Schellhorn
on April 04, 2017

What to Pair With Sweet P’s Light Blue Cold Shoulder Ruffle Top

Are you loving the new cold shoulder trend as much as I am?? These tops are such an awesome combination of demure and flirty. They also work well for season transitions as they let in just enough of the warmer sun while still protecting you against those late-season chills.

The new light blue cold shoulder ruffle top that I’ve added to the site is adorable! I’ve put my models in pants, skirts, and even shorts with this top and it pairs well with EVERYTHING. I know this color can be a bit tricky, though. What do you wear with pastels that keeps them from being too feminine or cutesy, right? Well I’ve got some ideas for you!

Pure white looks amazing with light blue. Consider some white denim capris or a flowy white boho skirt. So summery and timeless!

My next thought would be khaki. Wouldn’t this top look amazing with this khaki mini-skirt?


I can totally see this pairing at an outdoor concert and family reunion!

Pool and scarlet are the colors I imagine for accessories. A punchy red purse or deep blue sheer scarf would totally set this top off and allow you to show your individual style!

Finally, to the footwear. Peach and coral look perfect with this shade of blue. If you’re dressing up for a night out, think about some peach peep-toe heels. If casual is more your style, think about these comfy and trendy sandals that will keep your feet feeling great through any occasion.

Now that you know what to wear with it, you’d better get this top now before it sells out! Can’t wait to see how all of my lovely Sweet P ladies decide to wear this and what occasions they choose it for!

Be a Boho Beauty!

By Molly Schellhorn
on March 28, 2017

Be a Boho Beauty!

The boho trend continues this spring and I am still in love with the look! This sweet and feminine off the shoulder blue print top can be worn so many different ways, but I loved the idea of creating a funky, casual outfit that begs to be worn on a patio while you enjoy a delicious glass of sangria.

Though this top goes great with capris, skinnies or even a flowy maxi skirt, I think the lace shorts add that extra unique pop that makes this outfit over the top adorable! Though you’ll already have lots of color going on, one of the ‘boho rules’ is that matching is optional! So I chose a mass of colored bracelets and an unexpected extra zing of color with the mustard clutch.

Round out the outfit with some gladiator sandals and you’ll have a perfectly paired, oh-so-funky ensemble that you’ll find yourself grabbing out of the closet again and again. Happy spring, all my Sweet P friends! Let’s enjoy the sun together!

Blue and White Striped Button Up Off-the-Shoulder Top

By Molly Schellhorn
on March 24, 2017

Blue and White Striped Button Up Off-the-Shoulder Top

 I am so in love with this blue and white striped off-the-shoulder top! As soon as I got it in, it started giving me visions of breezy summer days at the beach…even though I live in land-locked Nebraska!

There are so many fun outfits you can create with this top, but for this post, we decided to dress it up a little bit. The colors pair perfectly with denim, so we selected a high-waisted, A-line denim skirt. Simply tuck the shirt into the top and, if you’d like, throw on a sassy belt.

Make the outfit pop with a splash of red! Grab a cute red clutch (I suggest one that has a removable shoulder strap as I tend to leave my clutches everywhere!) and some adorable red kitten heels. Throw on a bold brass or gold bracelet and you are ready to go!

This outfit is perfect for a spring or summer date. It also makes a fashionable statement at work if you’ve got a more casual office environment.

We’ve got the top for $24.50, but it’s going quick! Grab yours today and you’ll be well on your way to a unique outfit that will get people talking.

5 Ways to be Comfy AND Cute

By Molly Schellhorn
on February 03, 2017

If you’ve looked at enough of my clothes in the boutique, you must know by now that I highly value being comfy! As the mom of two young girls and an entrepreneur, I never know what my day is going to bring and it usually involves lots of running around. However, I’ve never wanted to be one of those work-from-home types who never seemed to be able to get out of their sweatpants or pajamas. I think there is definitely a way to be comfortable yet still be stylish, and I hope that shows not only in how I personally dress, but also in the clothes I keep in stock. Here are some of my suggestions on how you can walk that fine line of comfy AND cute!

  1. It’s all about the pockets

I don’t know what it is about pockets, but I think they are the gold standard of comfortable. When I wear something with pockets, I can store my cell phone or credit card, I can warm up my hands, I can do practically anything! Luckily, there are plenty of stylish tops and dresses available these days that have pockets built right in. This one has got to be my absolute favorite. Stripes, florals AND pockets?? You can’t say no to that!

  1. Bring on the hoodies!

I remember back in my college days when girls would show up to class in sweats, Uggs, and hoodies. Okay, okay, so maybe I did that a few times as well. Back then, we weren’t interested in looking good, we were only interested in putting on some form of clothing to get to class in the morning. These days, however, there are so many cute hoodies out there that take casual to the next level. This adorable gray hoodie with the floral hood is in my personal closet, and I get compliments on it every time I wear it.

  1. Tunics are IN!

You know what another word for comfortable is in my book? Versatile! There’s nothing worse than having something in your closet that can only be worn for specific occasions or paired with one or two other pieces. What I love about tunics is that they can be worn as a top with skinny jeans or as a dress with leggings or tights. The length makes them a great comfy staple and they’re sure to keep you warm as we wait out this winter!

  1. Who says dresses can’t be comfortable?

Too many people have a narrow view of dresses. They think of them as either formal (like a prom dress) or ultra-professional (think pencil skirts and suit jackets). The dresses I keep in stock, though, are far from either of those. One of my go-to comfy outfits is a warm sweater dress and a pair of thick leggings with some boots. This is more comfy than jeans and a sweater, in my opinion, and I often wear this ensemble on days when I feel an extra need to be cozy.

  1. Don’t forget the shoes!

There’s no better way to mess up a comfortable outfit than with the wrong pair of shoes! I’ve seen many gals make the mistake of choosing the perfect comfy dress or jeggings, then pair them with sky-high heels they can barely walk in. If you’re on the go a lot for work or family reasons, you have to wear some comfortable shoes. Toms is my favorite brand of shoes because they have ultra casual cute, like the ones below, and more dressy shoes that are also extremely comfy. Take a peek in my closet and you’ll see how much I love this brand!

What are some of your favorite ways to stay comfy while still looking fashionable? What are some comfy staples you’d like to see me carry in the boutique? Would love to hear your feedback!

Holiday Gift Ideas for That Hard to Buy for Girl in Your Life!

By Molly Schellhorn
on November 17, 2016


The holidays are quickly approaching and most of us have our list of who to buy for in mind.  If you’re like me, you have some people on your list who are a joy to shop for because they are delighted by anything you give them, but you also have others on your list who are nearly impossible.  Maybe you don’t know their size or they have very specific tastes or you simply just never know where to start.

Don’t let those tough to buy for girls ruin your holiday shopping fun!  Here are some great ideas that should fill even the most difficult person on your list with holiday cheer:


I love accessories because they are truly one size fits all!  If you’ve ever made the mistake of offending someone by buying them the wrong size of clothing, you’ll understand why accessories make such a great gift!  I have some great handmade (and affordable!) earrings on my site which are good choices on their own and also pair well with other gifts if you’re looking to spend a little more! 

A Sholdit

What do you get for the girl who has everything?  How about a fashion accessory that pulls double duty as a carry-all?  That’s right, you can now buy infinity scarves that have a hidden zippered pocket that can fit keys, wallets, cell phones and more!  How ingenious is that??  Perfect for your globe-trotting friend as they work great in airports!

The Newest Tech

Do you have someone on your list who always seems to be up on the latest technology gadgets?  Tech gifts make good presents as long as you’re A: wanting to spend a little more to get quality and B: know enough about your friend or family member to ensure you’re not buying them something they’ve already bought for themselves.  If those two requirements apply, take a look at this list of the best tech products new for this 2016 holiday season!


A Comfy Cardi

Do you have one of those friends who ALWAYS seems to be cold?  The one who hunts down a blanket when she comes over to watch movies or who is always cranking the heat up to 75?  I think we all know at least one gal who fits the bill (or maybe it’s YOU!).  If so, a big, comfy cardigan makes an awesome gift.  You don’t have to worry much about sizing as they’re supposed to be oversized, and even if the recipient already has a few cardigans, they can ALWAYS use another!


Gifts for the Little Ones

If you’re anything like me, you’d rather hear compliments about your kids than about yourself.  In the same vein, many mommies would rather have something new for their kids than they would for themselves.  If you’ve got a mom on your list, why not get some super cute clothes for their son or daughter, like this adorable shirt from Little Mango.  


If you aren’t sure on sizes (or just don’t want to give your friends’ kids clothes), this site also offers some other fun gift ideas like the ultra-cool Mad Pax Backpacks, adorable and dainty Raine & Skye coin purses or, my favorite (and not sure because it’s my little Fiona in the picture!!), the combo blankie and stuffed animal Kippins.

Little Mango offers gift certificates, too, if you really can’t decide!!  And speaking of gift certificates, I offer gift certificates to Sweet P & Fi as well if you want to give the gift of affordable fashion (but aren’t sure about sizes).  

Don’t put off shopping for those hard to buy for girls on your list!  Use the suggestions above to get your purchases made early so you can cross them off the list.  Happy holidays and happy shopping!

Five (Fashion) Signs that Fall has Arrived!

By Molly Schellhorn
on October 06, 2016

Some people know that fall has officially arrived when the pumpkin products start hitting the grocery store shelves or when your kids start talking about what they want to be for Halloween.  Here at Sweet P & Fi, I know it’s autumn when the cute fall fashion starts appearing!  Here are three (fashion) signs that fall is truly here!

Football Gear Appears!  Everyone loves a good tailgate and, being in Husker Nation, I know that when the gridiron gear starts showing up, fall (and football season!) is here!  Looking for a shirt that can be worn to ANY football outing?  How about this adorable top?


At just $25, you can be fashionable (and versatile) for any game, while still showing your team colors.  And while you’re at it, why not pick up a matching top for your little one?  We love this super cute shirt from Little Mango and know it would look adorable on your pint-sized fan!

Bring on the Cardigans!!  

What’s NOT to love about cardigans???  I adore them because they are the perfect closet staple for changing seasons.  Wearing something you’re worried won’t stand up to a blustery day?  Throw a cardigan in your bag to put on in case you get a chill!  On the flip side, wear a cardigan over a short-sleeved top and easily remove it if the day gets a big warmer than you expected!  Cardigans come in all weights, colors and styles, from super-casual to dressier statement pieces.  



You simply can’t go wrong with a cardigan, and I love seeing all the new colors, styles and fabrics that gals are wearing out and about!


Rockin’ the layers  Fall is totally layering season, and a favorite layering piece in this part of the country is vests!  Vests can be worn over short sleeves, over sweaters, under coats…the combinations are really endless and can be modified depending on the temps that day.  I’ve got some great vest options on the site, depending on whether you’re looking for a casual or a more tailored, professional look.  


I love to go out and people-watch to see how everyone dresses up or dresses down their vests.  I call it ‘research’!  

Hello boots!

If there is one piece of cold-weather gear I love more than cardigans, it’s boots!!  Calf-high boots, booties, cowboy boots…even cute snow boots! I want them all!  And one of my favorite things to do is figure out fun ways to pair different types of boots with our clothes.  One brand I CANNOT get enough of this season is TOMS! They have the cutest booties, like these amazing cheetah print numbers:

I own more than one pair (ahem three!) and they have become my absolute favorite go-to shoe option.  Not only are they stylish and comfy, but it always feels good to support a company like TOMS that gives back to those in need.

The Jackets Come Back Out

I love how the styles of jackets change almost every year.  From short to long, to basic to accessorized, a good jacket can not only make your outfit, but also make your day!  When the last stop on your way out the door is the closet to pick out your jacket for the day, you know it’s fall!  I’ve gotten in a few cute jackets so far this year, but this one is my favorite so far.  The best of casual and stylish meshed together in one must-have!

If you are in any doubt that fall has arrived, just take a look around and do some people-watching!  When you see the football gear, layers, cardis, jackets and the cute boots make an appearance, you’ll know that summer is a thing of the past.  

A Day in the Life with Sweet P & Fi Finds

By Molly Schellhorn
on September 09, 2016

With Angela Woltman, owner of online marketing company eSpark Media

I love fashion!  Unfortunately, as the co-owner of a new start-up marketing company and the mother to an active 9-year-old daughter, I just don’t have the time to shop or put together outfits like I would love to be able to do.  At this point in my life, the two biggest things I look for in fashion is affordability and versatility.  During the course of a day, I might have a formal business meeting, a networking group to attend, a field trip to pop in on and dinner with my boyfriend.  I just never know!  While I love the variety that comes with my job, it can present a challenge when putting together outfits.  What works for one often does not work for the others, and the last thing I want to do is have to change my entire outfit three times a day.

I just love Sweet P & Fi’s clothes.  When I was first introduced to them, I looked at their website and didn’t think their clothes could possibly be as good as they looked for as little as they cost. However, after ordering a few items and wearing them, I knew that I’d stumbled upon a goldmine.  Yes, their clothes are very affordable and YES, they are high-quality!!  I never have to worry about getting something that doesn’t lay right or is made of cheap material.  I’ve been super impressed with each purchase.

For this blog post, I wanted to go through one of my typical days and show how my outfit could be altered to fit the occasion with just a few little substitutions.  It’s easy for me to throw on a different top at the office or if I have time to swing by home, but I certainly don’t want to have to change up the entire thing multiple times a day. 

My day started out with a short field trip for my daughter’s school.  I knew we’d be walking a lot and that I needed to be comfy, so I chose this ultra-soft tee.  It’s casual, yet I think still stylish.  Though I normally would have paired this with some jean shorts or capris, it also worked with the skinny jeans I’d planned to go with the rest of my outfits and a pair of flip flops!

After the field trip, it was time to make a quick stop at the office before heading to a client meeting.  I knew that while the meeting was casual-ish, I would not be able to get away with a t-shirt.  I threw different shoes, an undershirt and this ultra-cute cardigan in my car and did a quick change at the office!  I absolutely love the pattern on this cardigan and it looks really professional when you have it on.  It’s also a light-weight material that is perfect for spring and fall.  Best part?  Only $25!

My day was concluding with a dinner out, and though I certainly could have worn the cardigan outfit, I wanted to change it up one more time.  I had five minutes to stop by my place—just enough time to swap out the shoes and throw on this flashy top!

I love the material of this one.  It’s not going to lose its shape or fade or pill or any of those other annoying habits of clothes.  It’s flattering, it breathes well and it looks really classy.  Can you believe it’s only $23? While I kept my same pants from the other two outfits for simplicity’s sake, this would also look really cute belted with a skirt or with some black leggings.  Did I mention the compliments I got on this top (from my friends AND strangers!)?  Yep, this one is a show-stopper!

So there it is!  My day in Sweet P & Fi finds!  I can’t wait to add more of their pieces to my wardrobe and I know that I won’t be disappointed with anything I pick.  Molly, your shop is my new go-to boutique! 

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